Security Options For Your Home And Business 

Security systems for homes and businesses have evolved a lot over the past few years, and they are the best solutions for protecting your assets and your personal belongings. From alarms and motion detection systems to fingerprint-based systems and surveillance cameras, there are numerous security options you can choose from. The golden rule is to choose a security system that comes with a good lock, one that sets maximum security. However, the lock alone will not do you much good, as there are numerous other entry points that burglars can use – here are some efficient security systems for all of them:

1. Motion Detecting Devices 

Motion detecting devices are widely used all around the world, and they can trigger the alarm when detecting even the smallest movement. You can set the range and coverage of the motion detectors, and you can also choose to either partially or fully activate them. These systems double as surveillance systems, the sole difference is that they do not record any footage on tape and they rely on the radar technology that senses fine movement. This is undoubtedly a great security option for your office, your garage or your driveway.

Most of the homeowners or businessowners who opt for the motion detection devices usually link them to video cameras and security surveillance cameras in Hamilton, as this will double the security level. Surveillance systems record everything on tape, and this can not only help the police catch the burglars faster, but it can also help you get your insurance money, if your house or business was protected.

2. Residential Or Commercial Alarms 

Residential or commercial alarms are usually part of the first line of defense, and while some of them only offer basic notification features, others rely on state of the art technology that automatically notified the local police whenever the alarm is turned on. Most of the time, home owners opt for simple magnetic alarms for the doors.

3. Window Bolts

Window bolts are the traditional security options for your home and business, and they are made of a variety of different materials, from steel and PVC to timber and aluminium. The window bolts can be easily installed within minutes and they can securely lock your window, thus preventing burglars from entering your house. In most cases, home owners choose to couple window bolts with noise-triggered home alarm systems, so that whenever the burglar breaks the window, the alarm gets turned on automatically. 

4. Fingerprint Locks

This is the ultimate security options for those who can afford to invest a small fortune to protect their house or business. Simply put, fingerprint-based security systems are mortise locks that rely on fingerprints to identify the owner of the house (or the other people that are allowed to come in), and it comes with a generous memory that can store up to several hundred different fingerprints, including those of your friends and acquaintances. Besides this, the security of these modern fingerprint locks can be enhanced even more by adding a key backup and a password.